139 years and 5 generations: the generals cuP

a legacy in the making

Our rare heritage estate specializes in strictly high altitude micro-climate coffee that produces some of the most highly prized complex well balanced and anti-oxidant rich coffee in the world. We attain the highest ratings in coffee standards globally and bring all of this to you direct from the estate, no brokers or middle men. It doesn't get any fresher than that.

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our certifications and awards

nicaraguas model coffee farm

Recently agracultural engineers from the university of Nicaragua certified us as the Model Coffee Farm of Nicaragua. It included recognition of our wildlife protection, organic natural growing methods and maintanence of our century old trees as well as labour rights, safe harvesting methods and industrial usage of volcanic minerals and water.

strictly high grown

Our coffee estate is located within a rare micro-climate on the upper elavation of a volcanic mountain. This places us in the highly esteemed SHG standard sitting at 3500-5000 feet above sea level. Thus resulting in an incredibly complex acidity and caffeine potency among many other desirable properties such as flavor notes and size.

rainforest alliance

Most industrial coffee farms clear wild jungle and other natural habitats to make way for their farms. We protect jungle habitat on our farm by integrating coffee plants resulting in many nearly extinct creatures finding safe refuge on our farm. Visiting universities have now discovered 2 bird species on our farm previously thought to be extinct.

farm direct

Did you know that coffee farmers on average make 1 cent per every $6 coffee that is sold? When you buy direct from our farm you are not only buying a fresher more ethical bean, you are also supporting our heritage coffee estate rather than mass industrialized farms that often clear cut jungles and destroy habitat, culture and local economy.

bird sanctuary

A sustainable way to grow coffee is to maintain the natural shade the jungle offers to multiple bird species. Many coffee farms often set coffee plants up in massive rows fully exposed to the sun, we are a shade farm with full wilderness integration. Thus we have an ample array of exotic birds that thrive and multiply in our bird sanctuary farm.

usda organic

We are beyond organic. Using all natural fertilizers, treating bugs with wholistic methods and all the other things that go along with being an organic heritage farm. But we also take advantage of the rich volcanic soil and water we have using both to fertilize and feed our plants. Toxic pesticides, chemicals and GMO seeds are forbidden on our farm.

single source

Nearly all coffee roasters are buying mixed imported beans from brokers. Once they buy the mixed green beans they often add a low quality bean into the high quality so they can make a higher profit often branding them as desirable "blends". Comparable to wine, blending grapes is not desirable for quality or speciality. With us you are assured zero mixing.

hand harvested volcanic grown

Industrialized coffee farms use machines to shake the bushes and collect the berries that drop. This results in green and yellow coffee fruit being used thus a lower quality outcome. We hand harvest our beans meaning we only pick red berries and leave the fruit on to ferment resulting in a bean with a beautifully rich honey flavor fully matured to perfection.

fair trade

We didn't need a certification to encourage us to pay our harvesters fairly. At The Generals Cup our farm is like family including many multi-generational employees that join together once a year to harvest and celebrate anther season. Paying fairly is the least we can do to ensure our community and friends are well taken care of.

womens labour coalition

It's been proven time and time again, when you support women you in turn support children, families, communities and local economies. In Nicaragua women are the backbone of the economy and thus we wanted to ensure that we stood to protect them, pay them well, educate them to their rights and support them as much as we can.

heritage farm

Our great great grandparents began this journey in 1885. The original house they built has been lived in by every generation since. Our farm has survived war, entire crops dying, economic ruin and political sanctions. But with all of that comes great strength, knowledge and old traditional methods of farming that are tried and true. Heritage is who we are.

multiple time winner of the cup

Although we do not always enter into competitions when we do we are honored when we win. We have the benefit of many things working in our favor. The one of a kind micro-climate on a volcano in Nicaragua. As well as the fact that we are a multi-generational farm of over 136 year history means we've built up from a strong foundation.