Certified Green Coffee 150Lb Sacks

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Nicaraguan Green Coffee Beans 150LB Sacks, 2022 Harvest.

Certifications: USDA Organic, Fair Trade, Single Sourced, SHG Strictly High Grown (3000-5000 above SL), Rainforest Alliance, Farm Direct, Heritage Farm, Smithsonian Bird Sanctuary, Hand Harvested, Volcanic Grown, Womens Coalition.

Awards: Excellency Cup 3X Winner, Nicaragua Model Coffee Farm.

Fermented with the fruit flesh on, hand screened.

Please see our about us page to see full details on coffee production.

Our rare heritage estate specializes in strictly high altitude micro-climate coffee that produces some of the most highly prized complex well balanced and anti-oxidant rich coffee in the world.

We attain the highest ratings in coffee standards globally and bring all of this to you direct from the estate, no brokers, roasting companies, coffee brands or distributors.

We also hold some of the highest certifications standards and awards available.

Purchasing freshly harvested coffee direct from our estate is the ultimate coffee lovers experience.



It starts with the bean.

We specialize in growing and fermenting techniques that aim to produce the best possible coffee beans in the world. We taste our roasts over and over again to extract the most incredible natural flavor notes and aroma that our beans have to offer.

We also use an old and rare form of fermentation in which we leave the red fruit flesh of the coffee berry on while the bean ferments. This soaks the bean in a natural sweet honey that results in highly desirable award winning beans with incredible mouthwatering flavor.

Whether it be dark chocolate flavors or woody cedar aromas, we use the beautiful high altitude acidity to tap into different experiences and roast to draw out the flavorful oils within the beans.